What is J-QUIZ?

J-QUIZ is a prestigious initiative from JOBANCE CAREERS Pvt Ltd. for all the colleges in and around Vijayawada.

What is it for?

To fetch real cream, talent and knowledge of the young brigade.

Why are we organizing?

To expose college buddies to the real environment and set standards of the knowledge.

What we do in this?

We conduct primary assessment at colleges and shortlist one team from each college and conduct a grand finale to all the finalists.

How it will be?

It will be of multiple rounds which includes academics, entertainment, sports, facts, current events and many more.

What the participants and winners get?

For sure everyone gets loads of knowledge. Guys! Hold on… How can we leave you without appreciation, all of you will get goodies and the winners will be awarded in a grand way.

Do we provide a vibrant environment at the event?

We promise you! It will rock and Entertainment is for sure. Pack yourself tight for the event.

What is our word for you?

Guys! Mad rush is on card. So, Run… Surf… Click… and register your college for this event. As it is first of its kind in the Brand CAPITAL.